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... if instead of only promoting and developing the growth of tennis, we also devoted ourselves to promoting and developing the growth of people through tennis.

... if we created pathways for youngsters from any and all backgrounds to easily pursue our sport in their communities, at their levels, on an affordable basis that would not require them to sacrifice educationally but would strengthen and amplify their personal growth.

... if we put in place a player development system that aimed to create the conditions for developing not only champions on the court, but also champions in life.


USTA Colorado believe that tennis isn't just a game, it's a great teacher.


It teaches you many of the important things in life... respect, dedication and perseverance.

...the value of sportsmanship, and how to win and lose with dignity.

...good judgement, integrity and a sense of honesty.


Introducing tennis to people of all ages isn't just about teaching them a game, it's about teaching them a set of values that will last a lifetime.

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