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Nominations/Selection Process
The USTA Colorado office has nomination forms, which may be sent to anyone interested in nominating a candidate for the Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame.  

  • Any person or group may submit a name for consideration to the Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame. 
  • That name shall remain active for consideration indefinitely. 
  • All nominations must use the Hall of Fame Nominating Form.


Identification of Candidates
Candidates will be nominated at-large by written nomination form and elected on the basis of judgment gained from general public perception of the candidate and the accompanying informational questionnaire, plus any other written information provided by any interested person or group.

The candidate will be judged on:

  • Outstanding contributions to the sport of tennis in Colorado;
  • Tennis playing achievements within Colorado or by a Coloradan outside the state;
  • Achievements in tennis coaching (high schools, college, etc.), or professional instruction of tennis at private or public facilities, within Colorado or by a Coloradan outside the state;
  • Achievements in tennis administration, the umpiring and refereeing of tennis, the reporting and publicizing of tennis, the directing of tennis tournaments or inventive and technological advancements in tennis either within Colorado or by a Coloradan outside the state;
  • Contributions of service to organized tennis including, but not limited to, philanthropic and volunteer activities within Colorado or by a Coloradan outside the state; and
  • Considerations of tenure, maturity and residence; and
  • Considerations of sportsmanship and character will be factors.

Primary emphasis will be on tennis-related accomplishments and service within Colorado and by Coloradans outside the state. Evaluation will be based on local, state, sectional, national and international tennis accomplishments.


Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame Candidate List
The following candidates have received nominations for induction into the Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame. The list is comprised of players, administrators, coaches, innovators and other individuals who have contributed to the sport. This is a very prestigious honor in the Colorado tennis community. 

The Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame Committee welcomes public comment on this list of candidates, and also encourage nominations of those not on the current list for consideration in subsequent years. Only those names on this list are eligible for selection in the current year’s Hall of Fame class — which will be celebrated early next year.

Comment/nominations must be received by March 31 at or Colorado Tennis Hall of Fame, 3300 E Bayaud Ave, Suite 201, Denver, CO 80209 to be considered for the current year.

Last names starting with:

Bob Acsell
Frank Adams
Julie Anthony
John Aragon
Vasilisa Bardina
Mark Bishop
C.D. Bodam
Chris Bowers
Charlie Brown
Ira Brown
Dorothy “DoDo” Bundy
Becky Callan
Kris Colglazier
Shannon Cross
Kathleen Cummings
Ken Curry
Krista D’Amico
Wendy Donovan

J.R. Edwards
Kathy Elliott
Chris Evert
Bruce Foltz

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Kim Gidley
Gail Godwin
Tag Grossman
Howard Head
Charles Henry
Steve Henson
Jennifer Holmes

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Chris Jenkins
Lee Kaley
Nicole Kenneally
Art Knott
Susan Knott
Virginia Dunn Smith Kraut
Laura Koury
Larry Loeb

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Melvin McCurley
Chris Mease
Frank Moore
Barbara Mueller
Gardnar Mulloy
Martina Navratilova
Bill Oakes
Sheila Ohlsson
Daniel J Oosterhous
Jack Ormsbee

Barb Eaton Pederson
Jack Phelps
Jack Ponis

Kirk Price
David Ray
Dominic Rea
Homer Reed
Randy Ross

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Diane Selke
Clancy Shields
Luke Shields
Ed Skarwecki
Ron Smarr

Mike Sprengelmeyer
John Suter

Ted Swenson
Patti Urban


Thomas van Fleet
Ann Vento
Mark Vines
Sharon Walsh
Dennis Winders
Al Young
Ann Young
Andy Zurcher

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