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About Us

Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion are our core values and strategic priorities for USTA Colorado. We reach out to all players, including those of diverse cultural backgrounds, mentally and physically challenged athletes, and under-served communities.


Diversity is the collective mixture of our human and organizational assets characterized by our similarities and differences.
Inclusion is leveraging the power of diversity in a respectful environment that encourages all to participate and contribute to further the USTA mission.


Managing diversity and inclusion effectively is critical to achieving the mission of the organization and is an integral part of the success of the USTA Colorado’s six (6) top level strategic directions, which are Community Tennis; Professional Tennis; Player Development; Fiscal Opportunities/ Fiscal Management; People Resources/ Structure; and Accountability.


Our responsibility as the State Governing Body for the sport obligates us to identify and lead in removing barriers to allow us to be inclusive so that tennis reflects all of Colorado. 


Strategic Direction
Our Diversity and Inclusion strategic plan is anchored by four focus areas. We will leverage diversity and inclusion as an organizational strategy to assist in driving results in the Workforce, Workplace, Community and Marketplace. 

Workforce – The USTA Colorado family will be representative of Colorado at all levels, in all locations across all disciplines.

Workplace – Our environment and culture will consist of behaviors and practices that promote inclusiveness.

Communities – We will be relevant in all communities.

Marketplace – We will leverage diversity and inclusion to drive revenue and goodwill.


Our priorities to successfully implement our plan are to:

  • Increase awareness within the organization of the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide education and skill based training to the all USTA Colorado staff and volunteer leadership.
  • Engage communities through strategic partnerships.
  • Reward, recognize, and communicate results.
  • Develop and implement metrics and accountability systems.
  • “Walk the Talk” by demonstrating behaviors that are aligned with our values.
  • Access communities through traditional and non-traditional tennis organizations, media outlets and others.
  • Leverage our diversity and inclusion strategy with current and future partners to drive revenue.
  • Share USTA Colorado successes and best practices with the greater tennis community.


We will arrive at our destination when USTA Colorado is recognized at the preeminent organization in which people from all walks of life, representing all dimensions of diversity, will want to work and volunteer; and to which they will want to provide support through participation, membership collaboration and sponsorship.


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