Summary of League Changes for 2022

Colorado League Changes

District Championships
For 2022, we will be adding two District Championships back to the schedule: USTA Adult 65 & Over, ITA Mixed Doubles.

2022 Advancing Leagues

  • USTA Adult 18 & Over
  • USTA Adult 40 & Over
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over
  • USTA Adult 65 & Over
  • USTA Mixed 18 & Over
  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over
  • ITA Mixed Doubles

2022 Non-Advancing Leagues

These leagues will conclude at the end of the local league:

  • Trio
  • CTA Twilight
  • CTA Women's Daytime Doubles
  • CTA Women's Summer Daytime
  • CTA Women's 2.5
  • CTA Adult 18-39


5.02A Match(es) Played on Unapproved Courts. If a home team is unable to provide the minimum number of required courts (See 4.02) without pickleball lines, the visiting team may refuse to play on the unapproved court(s) and claim a win by default for the impacted line(s). If the players agree to play on an unapproved court, the points played will stand.


11.00A Inclement Weather. Unless agreed upon by both captains, all players should be present at match time, even if a rainout is obvious. If the match is a rainout, all lines are to be rescheduled, even if players were not onsite at the time of the rainout. In the event of inclement weather (i.e. lightning), players should observe the USTA’s Emergency Care Guidelines. If courts are not playable and indoor courts are not available (See 12.01A) within 30 minutes from the scheduled match time, either team may force the match to be rescheduled. Teams are not required to wait longer than 30 minutes from the scheduled match time to start play, which may include traveling to a different location for indoor courts. See 12.00 for information on rescheduling matches.

12.01A Teams / players are required to work together to find an agreeable date to make up the match within the allowed time frame (See 12.00). If indoor courts are available within 30 minutes at the same site and one or both teams agree to pay any additional costs, teams are required to finish the match indoors. (See 11.00E(4) for Flight Playoffs). The home team has the first right to acquire indoor courts onsite or at an alternate location, but if the home team is unable, the visiting team may acquire indoor courts at an alternate location. These alternate courts must be available within 30 minutes of the stoppage of play and one or both teams agree to pay any additional costs.

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