Summary of League Changes for 2021

Colorado League Changes

District Championships
USTA Colorado plans to offer District Championships for the leagues that fall under the USTA National Advancement track. This includes:

  • USTA Adult 18 & Over
  • USTA Adult 40 & Over
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over
  • USTA Mixed 18 & Over
  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over

All other leagues will conclude at the end of their respective local league seasons

14.00  Advancement to District Championships. Leagues that are not part of the USTA National advancement track will not advance beyond the local league (i.e. “CTA or ITA Leagues”).
     14.00A  Advancement Procedure in lieu of District Championship. This applies to all first-place teams at the conclusion of the local league in ITA Mixed, CTA Adult 65 & Over and CTA Tri-Level. Whenever there are multiple local flights in these leagues, the advancing team will be determined by comparing teams using the following procedure:
             A. Games Won % (GWP). Team with the highest “Games Won %” (GWP) as displayed in TennisLink standings at the end of the local league.
             B. Random Drawing. If two or more teams are tied with the highest GWP for the local league, a random drawing of those teams will determine which team will advance.


"Plus" Levels no longer offered for all CTA Leagues

  • All CTA leagues will no longer offer “plus" levels.
  • A 5.0 level will be added to each of these leagues in place of the "plus" levels.

This includes: Trio, CTA Women’s Daytime Doubles, CTA Women’s Summer Daytime, CTA Adult 18-39, CTA Twilight.

National League Changes

"Plus" Levels no longer offered

  • There will no longer be “plus" levels, such as 5.0+ in the USTA Adult 18 & Over league or 4.5+ in the USTA Adult 40 & Over league.

New Level offered for USTA Adult 18 & Over and USTA Adult 40 & Over

  • To replace "plus" levels, an "Open" level has been added to the USTA Adult 18 & Over league and a 5.0 level has been added to the USTA Adult 40 & Over league. These new levels will not have National Advancement for 2021. Sectional advancement may occur depending on the number of teams from other Districts within the Intermountain Section.

2020 Year-End Ratings

  • A decision was made by the USTA Board not to run year-end ratings for 2020. Match results from 2020 will be added into the 2021 year-end calculation.


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