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Major Changes for 2019

Colorado Rule Changes
Colorado changes for 2018 adopted by the USTA Colorado Adult Programs Committee

9.02 Tiebreak Procedure
The standard tiebreak is to be used for set tiebreaks as well as match tiebreaks. The Coman Tiebreak is no longer used for league matches in Colorado.
 - Have questions about the standard tiebreak? Click here.

11.00C League Championship Conflicts.
Flight Playoffs, District, Sectional or National Championships take precedence over local league conflicts.  If players are involved in a Flight Playoff or League Championship on the same day as a local league match, the opposing team for the local league match is required to reschedule the specific positions that are affected for the local league match. ITA Mixed local league matches may not be rescheduled based on league championship conflicts since the majority of the season has conflicting championship events.

Plus (+) divisions added to all straight NTRP CTA leagues (excluding CTA Women’s 2.5 League).

  • The highest offered NTRP level at District Championships will be designated as the plus (+) NTRP level. This can differ for the men’s & women’s divisions.
  • Since all CTA leagues are 3-line leagues, teams participating in designated plus (+) divisions will be able to have two players on their roster from the next higher NTRP rating level (only one can play in each team match).

All leagues listed below have the Plus (+) level indicated in the chart.

District Championship Semi-Final Round Seeding
Consistent with USTA National, Semi-final rounds at District Championship events will now be seeded. The match ups for the semi-final rounds will be as follows: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. League seeding will only take place at semi-final rounds of District Championships.  In situations where a wildcard team advances to the semis, it is possible that teams from the same flight could play each other again in the semis.

Colorado League Calendar Changes

  • CTA Twilight District Championships moved to September 27 – 29.
  • New days of play for some NTRP levels in USTA 18 & Over, USTA Adult 40 & Over, and CTA Twilight.  See chart below:


* CTA Women’s 2.5 League (not part of USTA Adult 40 & Over)
** CTA Adult 18-39 runs at the same time as USTA Adult 40 & Over. No changes have been made to CTA Adult 18-39. For a complete listing of days and times, click here.

National Rule Changes
2.05E Automatic appeals by 60 and 65 & over players will be granted unless the player’s year-end rating exceeds the clearly above level mark. Players whose appeals are granted will continue to receive “A” ratings and be subject to Dynamic Disqualification.




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