Major Changes for 2018

Colorado Rule Changes
Colorado changes for 2018 adopted by the USTA Colorado Adult Programs Committee

National Holidays
A five-day advanced notice must be given for requests to reschedule regular season matches due to a National holiday conflict.  If captains do not provide a five-day advanced notice of the conflict, the opposing captain is not required to reschedule the match.

Defaults during Flight Playoffs
If a team submits a lineup with a defaulted line(s), the opposing team will be allowed to receive their lineup back, be notified which line(s) is being defaulted, and make any changes to their lineup.  If both teams are defaulting a different line, they are both allowed to make any changes to their lineup; however, their default will stand.  Both teams may agree to put the default in the same line, but are not required to do so.

Colorado Date Changes / League Additions

  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over – District Dates moved to July 27-29
  • USTA Adult 55 & Over – District Dates moved to July 20-22
  • ITA Mixed Doubles - Name change for the league formerly known as ITA Fall Mixed.
  • USTA Mixed 40 & Over - Local league matches will be scheduled on Sundays at 12pm or 3pm, depending on NTRP level, just like other mixed leagues.
  • USTA Flex - Addition of two Flex League sessions (Winter and Fall)
  • Social League - Addition of a new Social League. Stay tuned for details.

USTA National Regulation Changes

2.06A  National Move-up/Split-up Rule:

  • All 2.5 and 5.0 National Championship teams are allowed to retain 3 players who qualified or advanced to National Championships.
  • National Championship teams are required to Move Up or Split Up only in the age group from which their team advanced the previous year.
  • Sections may restrict crossover between Adult and Mixed Divisions, and also between some or all Age Groups.

2.01C(2)  Team Match:

  • A majority of matches must actually be played
  • In the case of invalid matches (less than the minimum number of matches played) if scores are entered in TennisLink they will count only for NTRP ratings and advancement.
  • Each Sectional Association shall establish procedures in the event of a team default or double default.

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