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* Note: Players can apply registration toward a different league in the same year instead of being deleted.

Use the player move form if you would like to do that instead of a deletion.

Use the deletion form to request a refund.

75% In-Level Requirement
Number of players allowed to play up
75% Waiver Request Form

Note: These requests are rarely granted below 70%

Facility Usage Reports (Denver Metro) - See NOTE below
Trio (Sat)

USTA Mixed 18 & Over (Sunday)

USTA Adult 18 & Over (Mon)
USTA Adult 18 & Over (Tue)
USTA Adult 18 & Over (Wed)
USTA Adult 18 & Over (Thurs)

USTA Adult 55 & Over (Wed)
USTA Adult 55 & Over (Fri)

USTA Mixed 40 & Over (Sun)

CTA Women's Daytime Doubles (Tue)
CTA Women's Daytime Doubles (Wed)
CTA Women's Daytime Doubles (Thurs)


USTA Adult 40 & Over / CTA Adult 18-39 / CTA Women's 2.5 / 5.0 & Above
 - Mon

 - Tue
 - Wed
 - Thurs

ITA Mixed (Sun)

USTA Adult 65 & Over (Tue)
USTA Adult 65 & Over (Fri)

CTA Women's Summer Daytime (Mon)
CTA Women's Summer Daytime (Wed)

CTA Twilight (Mon)
CTA Twilight (Tues)
CTA Twilight (Wed)
CTA Twilight (Thurs)

NOTE: TennisLink is only capable of producing the facility usage report by day of week and it includes any matches scheduled on the given days, even if they are in a different league, so there will be overlapping information whenever there are leagues that have matches on the same day of the week, with overlapping seasons. Facility usage reports will be published for each league after the league schedules are published on TennisLink.
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