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We will publish important information on this page for each District Championship as it becomes available. Please read all of the information on this page and contact us if you have any questions.


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Please note: All players should bring their own water for every match, as water is not always available on-court.

Championship Structure
In most instances, teams will be divided into flights consisting of 4 teams. There may be occasions when different flight sizes are used. New for 2015, CTA Twilight Districts will utilize flights of 3 teams in most instances. The format for most flights will consist of a flighted round robin; each team will compete against all other teams included in the specific flight. If there are multiple flights, the winning team from each flight will advance to a single-elimination bracket (Final Rounds). In divisions that have very few teams / flights statewide for the local league, the format may be altered at the discretion of the Championship Tournament Committee. For example, if there are only two flights in the entire state, the winning teams from each flight may advance to Districts and simply play one match to determine the winner. In all District Championships, teams should plan on having up to two matches on any of the three days.

District Championship match format
Team competition for each District Championship will follow the same format/number of positions as the regular league season for that league.

Matches will follow the best 2 out of 3 sets format with a match tiebreak (first to 10 points by 2) played in lieu of the 3rd set using the Coman Tiebreak procedure. If play reaches 6-games all in the first or second sets, a set tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) using the Coman Tiebreak procedure.  A 2-minute rest period is permitted after the second set. If the second set ends on even game, players will not change ends for the tiebreak. The serve rotation and the return of serve may be changed between the second set and the start of the tiebreak. New balls are not be provided for the tiebreak in lieu of the 3rd set. No coaching is allowed at any time during the match.

Team Standings
The team with the most team matches won will advance to the next round; in some divisions the next round will be the Semi-Finals while other divisions may advance directly to the Finals. In the event of a tie taking place after completion of the flighted round-robin, the team with the most individual matches won will be the advancing team. Head to Head breaks any ties after individual matches won. In the event of a tie in head to head, the tie will be broken by fewest sets lost, followed by the fewest games lost in the flight.

All teams competing at the District Championships must complete the entire round robin. Total Team Defaults (2 out of 3 positions; or 3 out of 5 positions) during Districts will not be tolerated for any reason and will subject all players rostered on the team to penalties up to, and including suspension.

Procedure for 3 flight divisions
In some instances, we have an odd number of flights, so we must advance a wild card team into the semi-final or quarter-final round. When this situation occurs, we must set up the playoff schedule to indicate the match times, but the program automatically advances a second place team from one flight. The actual flight from which the second place team will come from is determined after all flights in the level have completed the round robin portion of the playoff. Click here to download the procedure for 3 flight round robin. Should there be flights within the same NTRP level that do not have the same number of teams, a different procedure is used. Click here to download the addendum to the procedure that will be used in the instance of unequal numbers of teams.

Check in prior to matches
Teams are to check in to the site desk at least 30 minutes prior to match time. Line up cards will be available at the desk. All line up cards must be submitted at least 15 minutes prior to the match. In an effort to keep matches on time, players need to be ready to take the court when the match is called (i.e. use the restroom prior to being called for the match). Once your line-up card has been submitted, no changes will be permitted. Do not submit your line up card unless all players have arrived at the site and are ready to play (i.e. shoes on, already used the restroom, etc). Matches may be started early if courts are available, per the designation of the Site Director.

Warm-up time
A 10 minute warm-up, to include practice serves, will be strictly enforced
. Once your match is complete, please exit the court promptly and report scores immediately. When the entire team match has been completed, both Captains are to report to the Tournament Desk and sign the official tournament score card. Warm-up courts are only available until 7:30am each day. All players must vacate the courts at 7:30am. Teams wanting to warm-up prior to a match can use our court locator to find some nearby courts. Warm-up courts will not be available throughout the day at the championship site and empty courts may not be used for warm-ups.

All players participating in District Championship events must have a USTA membership valid through the end of the event. An eligible player will have played and completed a minimum of 2 matches during the league season.

In case of inclement weather, all teams must still report to the tournament desk at their scheduled site and match time, unless instructed otherwise by the USTA Colorado. will be updated with important information if there are weather issues that arise. NEW FOR 2015, we will be utilizing a texting service to communicate with captains if the need arises. In addition, an Adult League Alert! may be sent with important information, so please check your email routinely throughout the event if there are weather concerns. If necessary, the Championship Tournament Committee may make alternate plans to complete the Tournament on schedule. Such plans may include, but not limited to alternate scoring formats (short sets, pro sets and/or no-ad scoring), rescheduling match times, days and/or locations, postponing event, canceling event.

Officials, Sportsmanship, No Coaching
All players are expected to follow The Code and display good sportsmanship throughout the event. Do not ask opinions from spectators or referees. Coaching is not permitted, except during rain delays. Coaching is not allowed between the second set and the match tiebreak in lieu of the third set.

Roving USTA-Certified Umpires will be present throughout the Tournament to ensure fairness of play. They will apply the Point penalty system, as well as the lateness penalty if necessary. There will not be officials onsite during Flight Playoff matches. Flight Playoff matches are considered part of the local league, so officials are not permitted.

If you would like to provide feedback about the officials, please use the feedback form on the Colorado Tennis Umpires Association website.

Wild card information
Wild card teams are randomly drawn when the Championship Committee determines that a wild card team will improve the quality of the event. See the wild card page to see if your flight has drawn a wild card. For USTA Adult and CTA Twilight, wild cards (if drawn) will participate in the Flight Playoff round.

League Rules and Regulations
Although we will be onsite to assist with answering any rules questions, captains and players should all know as much of this information as possible. Please familiarize yourself with the pertinent rules and regulations for the league.

NTRP Dynamic Disqualification
USTA National League Regulations 2.04B: Dynamic ratings will be calculated for all Adult Division players during local league competition and at every level of championship competition below National Championships to determine if any players have reached the NTRP disqualification criteria stated in the USTA NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures. Players subject to NTRP Dynamic Disqualification, as described in the NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Table - below, will be dynamically disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three times based on all matches except retirements received. An NTRP dynamically disqualified player becomes a benchmark.

Intermountain Section and Colorado District Championships follow USTA National Regulation 2.04B(2)a: Run dynamic calculations and produce ratings throughout the championship. Through the conclusion of the championship event, notify and disqualify those players that meet the criteria for NTRP disqualification and reverse appropriate matches played.


NTRP Grievances
A player with a valid NTRP Computer (C) rating, or Benchmark (B) rating, or granted an Automatic Appeal (A) rating of a Computer (C) rating is not subject to a NTRP grievance. Any other player is subject to a NTRP grievance.
Championship Competition: A NTRP grievance shall be filed in writing with the duly appointed site director, or designee, having jurisdiction. A NTRP grievance shall be handled by the player's Section League Grievance Committee. The Intermountain Section will adjudicate NTRP grievances after the championship event. See USTA National League Regulations 3.03E for more information.

District, Sectional and National Advancement
National Advancement
The following leagues provide advancement for winning teams to move from Districts to Sectionals to Nationals: USTA Mixed 18 & Over, USTA Mixed 40 & Over, USTA Adult 18 & Over, USTA Adult 40 & Over, USTA Adult 55 & Over, CTA Adult 65 & Over (Click Here for more info about CTA Adult 65 & Over advancement).

Sectional Advancement
The following league provides advancement for winning teams to move from Districts to Sectionals: ITA Fall Mixed.

District Advancement
The following leagues provide local winning teams to advance to Districts: CTA Women's Daytime Doubles, CTA Women's Summer Daytime, CTA Twilight.

No Advancement
The Trio league does not have advancement opportunities beyond the local league.


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