Questions about score entry in TennisLink
I get an error message while trying to enter scores. Please help!
A few items to check if you get this message:
Make sure all 3rd set scores are recorded as 1-0.
Make sure the scores are input as the winning player would report them perspective (i.e. 6-4, 6-3.
Not 4-6, 3-6)
There is an error on the score card. How can I change it?
Captains and players are not able to make any changes to score cards once they have been submitted. If you notice an error, the captain of either team can dispute the match scores.
NOTE: If a score is disputed for any reason, the captain must notify the Adult League Department of the dispute and what needs to be corrected.
We've completed part of our team match, but one position is waiting to be rescheduled. How can I input the rest of the scores?
Scores for the entire match can not be entered until all matches have been completed for that team match.
What do I do to dispute a score?
Go to TennisLink and input the match number as if you were putting in the scores. Go to the score card screen and click on the dispute score radio button. Once you have disputed a score, you must contact the Adult League Department with information about the reason for the dispute.
Note: Only captains are able to dispute a score.
Do captains have to enter the scores?
TennisLink will allow any player on the team to enter match scores, but we recommend that captains or co-captains perform this responsibility.
Note: It is recommended that both team captains retain a hardcopy of the match scorecard throughout the season in case there are any discrepancies.
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