CTA Women's Summer Daytime 


The format for the CTA Women's Summer Daytime league is Women's NTRP levels 2.5 - 4.5+. In the 4.5+ level, teams will be allowed to have two 5.0 players on their roster. Only one of those players can play in each team match and must play in the #1 singles or #1 doubles position. See USTA National League Regulation 2.01A.

There is one (1) singles match and two (2) doubles matches per weekly team match.

The exact number of matches depends on how many teams are in each flight, but teams will generally receive 6-7 weeks of matches. Dates & Deadlines.

At least 75% of all players on each team roster must be playing “in level” (i.e. on a 3.5 team, 75% of the players must have a valid 3.5 NTRP rating). More Info

Players may only play on one (1) team.

USTA Colorado's League fee is $26.00 plus the Processing Fee.

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