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NTRP Rating Appeals

Appeal Procedures
All Year-End appeals must be done using the automated appeal process on TennisLink. There is no other appeal for moving "up" besides the Auto Appeal. The only other appeal for moving "down" besides the Auto Appeal is a Medical Appeal (see below for requirements).

Year-End Appeals
Medical Appeals
Self-Rate Appeals


All online auto appeal decisions are immediate and final. Contacting us will not change the outcome of your appeal.

to be directed to USTA's FAQ page about NTRP Ratings.
If you have a question that isn't answered on that site, please send an email to Jason Rogers.

Due to the volume of rating and appeal questions, these will only be handled via email.


Year-End Appeals (May only be filed online using the "automated appeal" on Tennislink)

Click Here to Appeal your Year-End Rating (see instructions below)

Instructions for online “auto appeal” process

  1. Go to Tennislink –
  2. Login to your account using your email and password
  3. Make sure you are on the USTA League tab across the top
  4. Click the “Appeal Rating Level” link that is to the right of your name
  5. Follow the instructions to appeal up or down

These appeals are based on your rating in hundredths of a point.  While it is impossible for players to know their exact rating in hundredths, the USTA has that information attached to your membership (Note: alternate websites like have completely inaccurate information).  The appeal program will see if your rating is within the range by which appeals can be granted.  If it is in that range, the appeal will be granted automatically and your rating will be changed immediately.  If your rating is outside of the appeal range, the appeal will be denied immediately.

  • The appeal decision cannot be changed by contacting us.
  • There are no further appeals for requesting to move “up” to the next level.
  • The only other appeal to move “down” would be via a medical appeal (see below for requirements).

Note: All appeals are final.  If your appeal is granted, it cannot be changed back.

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Medical Appeals

Medical Appeals must be accompanied by an attending physician’s evaluation of the injury and all other substantiating information to include the prognosis for recovery with a timeline. Please submit a hard copy of the Medical Appeal Form and the physician's evaluation of the injury to the USTA Colorado office via email or mail.

Medical Appeals will NOT be considered for players wishing to appeal "up", even if you played while injured. The only appeal for moving "up" is the online "auto appeal". (See Year-End Appeals above)

Email (preferred):
Mail (if unable to email):
        USTA Colorado
        Attn: Jason Rogers
        3300 E. Bayaud Avenue, #201
        Denver, CO 80209
Fax: Faxed appeals are not accepted.

To be eligible to file a medical appeal, the player must have a permanent disabling injury or illness that occurred after year-end ratings were achieved (if you played with the injury, you do not qualify). If it is possible to correct the injury through surgery, the appeal will not be considered until after the surgical procedure has been completed and the player has reached his/her maximum level of improvement.

If a medical appeal is granted by the USTA Intermountain Medical Appeal Committee, it must also be reviewed by the National Medical Appeal Committee. The appeal must be granted by both committees for a rating change to occur. Since there must be National review of any medical appeals, it may take longer for a decision to be rendered. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the decision.

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Self-Rate Appeals (May only be filed online by players who have a current self-rating)

Self-Rated player wanting to appeal "down"
Self-rate appeals may only be appealed through TennisLink. Players are provided the opportunity to appeal their self-rating at the conclusion of the self-rate process. If you exited the self-rate system without appealing your rating and would like to appeal, Login to TennisLink with your USTA number and password, click on either the “USTA League” or “My Tennis Page” tab. In the upper right you will see your rating and a link that says, “Appeal Rating Level”, click it and follow instructions. If you need assistance getting back into the appeal form, send an email to Jason Rogers.

Note: Once submitted, self-rate appeals will be reviewed by the USTA Colorado NTRP Oversight Group in the order in which they are received. Depending on the time of year and appeal volume, it may take up to 3 weeks for an appeal to be reviewed. Contacting us to ask for it to be expedited cannot shorten this timeframe, as they are always handled in the order in which they are received. The deadlines at the beginning of the season are only for teams to meet the minimum number of players to get into the league. If your appeal is granted, you can still register for the team beyond that deadline, as we allow players to be added to existing teams until the end of each league. If the team is counting on you to meet the minimum number of required players, they need to find someone else to achieve that since your appeal may be denied and since it likely cannot be reviewed in a very short timeframe from when you submitted it.


Self-Rated player wanting to appeal "up"
All Self-Rated players can appeal their rating up by following the appeal instructions under "Year-End appeals." By following the auto appeal process to appeal "up", self-rated players will be granted that appeal automatically and not have to wait for committee review.

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