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NTRP Grievances

Prior to submitting an NTRP Grievance, please read the USTA National League Regulations (Section 3.03E).

NTRP Grievance Protocol
NTRP Grievance Filing Form

A $50 fee must be submitted at the time of filing a NTRP grievance. Make checks payable to the Intermountain Tennis Association. If the grievance committee disqualifies the player who the grievance is against, the $50 check is returned to the person who filed the grievance.

Note: NTRP Grievances filed immediately before a championship or during a championship will not be adjudicated until after the championship has ended. If a player is disqualified as a result of an NTRP Grievance following a championship, no results will be reversed. NTRP Grievances should be filed at least two (2) weeks prior to a championship to have the ability to move a player up prior to the championship.

Submit grievance filing form and $50 check to:
USTA Colorado
Attn:  Jason Rogers
3300 E. Bayaud Avenue, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80209


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