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Ratings vs Rankings


The Confusion
Since the NTRP program began nearly a quarter century ago, the terms "Ranking" and "Rating" have been used interchangeably. Each year, the USTA Colorado Player Development Director receives hundreds of emails from players who are interested in appealing their "Ranking", when in reality, they want to appeal their "Rating".

But Ratings and Rankings are NOT the same.


Ratings are based on the National Tennis Ratings Program, or NTRP. Ratings are based on a player's ability, and help players identify at which level to play. The NTRP scale begins at 1.5 (a novice) and peaks at 7.0 (world class).

Tip: If you're an intermediate player and you are looking at a list where you are #8, the discussion is about your ranking, not your rating.

Rankings are generated exclusively through sanctioned tournament play. A ranking shows the hierarchy of players in a given division at the end of a calendar year. In order to receive a ranking, a player (or doubles team) must meet the ranking requirements set forth here.

Players interested in knowing where they are "ranked" during the calendar year should look at their standing, which changes from month to month.

Tip: If you are confused between your ranking and your rating, check to see if your "ranking" ends in ".0" or ".5" (as in 3.5 or 4.0). If it does, you're referring to your rating.


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