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Dynamic National Tennis Rating Program (DNTRP)

All Sections in the United States Tennis Association have operated under the Dynamic NTRP system, that generates player ratings with each match played in the USTA Adult Leagues, since 2003.

Entry into leagues
Players who do not have a current computer rating no longer have to go on-court to have a certified verifier confirm their rating. Individuals without current computer rating must follow the self-rate process as they register on TennisLink for a league. Computer-generated ratings are valid for three years, except for those individuals over 60 years of age, which are valid for two years.

During the league season
What does “dynamic” mean as far as ratings are concerned? Dynamic means that match results for the USTA Adult Divisions (18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over) will be calculated as they are completed and ratings for players will be generated based on the scores. These ratings are not published for general viewing, but are available only to District, Sectional and National league staff. Only the few players that are found to be clearly above level will be notified of their change in rating status. Those players and their team captains will be notified immediately by the appropriate league staff member. Disqualifications may be reviewed by the team captain or the disqualified player by requesting in writing a review by the NTRP Appeal Committee of the nearest jurisdiction within the deadline set by the league administrator. Reviews may only be submitted based on missing or incorrect information, pertaining to scores and/or opponents entered in TennisLink. Players who are disqualified from competing at their current level are eligible to continue play on a team at a higher level for the remainder of the league year. The majority of players will not experience anything different because of the dynamic system.

For ratings to be calculated equitably, all teams must report scores in a timely manner. All districts in the Intermountain Section will be required to report scores within 48 hours of the completion of a team match. Failure to do so may involve penalties as serious as entire team defaults.

With dynamic ratings, the computer will review match results to detect players clearly above level. Staff and committees will also oversee the program. Self-rated players can be dynamically disqualified at any time from local league play through Sectional Championships. Computer rated (C) and Benchmark rated (B) players cannot be disqualified by DNTRP.

Dynamic NTRP ratings will be run by the computer to determine if any players are “clearly above level” using the current Disqualification Procedure Guidelines. Players will be disqualified if they achieve the currently established “clearly above level” status three times based on all matches reported in the national database for the Adult Divisions (18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over). This includes all match play in the Adult divisions in all sections. Remember, you must reach this disqualification level three times during the championship league year in order to be disqualified. Have a question?

Following the league season
Year-end ratings will be produced by the USTA and published on TennisLink for all league and tournament players to view. District league and NTRP tournament results will be included in the year end calculations. Players are not able to see ratings to the hundredth.

Following the publication of ratings, year-end ratings may be appealed. Year-end rating appeals can only be submitted via the online automatic appeal. If denied via the online automatic appeal, players wishing to appeal down, who have a permanent disabling injury or illness that was sustained after the last match played may file a medical appeal. Medical appeals may not be filed for players wishing to move up. See NTRP Appeals page for more information on appealing your rating.

NTRP Grievances
Captains may file an "NTRP Grievance" against any self-rated player in their league in accordance with the USTA National League Regulations. See the NTRP Grievance page for more information.

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