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Community Development

USTA Colorado Community Development works with community partners, including parks and recreation agencies, schools, community tennis associations, community-based youth organizations and other groups, to make tennis accessible to all who want to try, learn and play the sport, and to provide a platform for people to get involved with USTA sanctioned leagues, tournaments and events if they wish.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive in-school and extracurricular tennis program training, resources and consultation

  • Training, curriculum and support to tennis providers working with entry-level players

  • Organizational consultation and assistance for tennis-focused associations, such as Community Tennis Associations and National Junior Tennis & Learning programs

  • Advocacy consulting for groups interested in impacting public policy through tennis

  • Grants for tennis program development and growth

  • Technical consultation and grants for new court construction and renovation

  • Support of opportunities for individuals who may not have access to tennis such as people with disabilities or with limited resources


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