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Community Tennis

Becoming a Community Tennis Association

What is a Community Tennis Association?
The future of tennis depends greatly on organizations at the grassroots level.  Many of these organizations administer youth and adult tennis programs, offer scholarships, communicate with their community and advocate for improved facilities.

A Community Tennis Association (CTA) is a tennis-specific service organization. It is a group of dedicated volunteers and professionals who unite to support tennis programs. As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain programs that are open and accessible to all. These tennis enthusiasts may act as tennis advocates, program administrators, promoters, and fundraisers. Fueled by local volunteers, this non-profit association exists to promote and develop the game of tennis in the community.

A USTA Community Tennis Association is defined as "any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based tennis organization that supports or provides programs that promote and develop the growth of tennis".  The USTA and USTA Colorado recognize how important these organizations are to the sport of tennis at the grassroots level.

USTA Guide for Community Tennis Associations
Information on how to form, develop or improve a Community Tennis Association can be found in the USTA Guide for Community Tennis Associations. Click here for free download of the full guide.

Registration Process
If you are a community-based organization that provides tennis programming to the community, you may qualify to become a registered Community Tennis Association (CTA). Click here to register or renew you CTA with USTA. By registering with the USTA, a CTA becomes linked to a large network of other CTAs and receive regular communication from the USTA.

Benefits of USTA Registration/Renewal
A significant benefit of registration for CTAs that are also incorporated as non-profits and current USTA organizational members is access to a low cost master liability and accident insurance plan  which provides coverage against allegations of negligence resulting from bodily injury or property damage.

The USTA also has a low cost insurance plan available for CTA Directors and Officers which provides coverage for claims associated with negligent acts, errors or omissions alleged to have been committed by individuals acting in their capacity as a CTA Director or Officer. Additional support with website development, equipment discounts, workshop discounts and access to financial assistance are also more readily available to registered CTAs.

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