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Racquets For All

High School Challenge


Colorado High School Challenge – It’s On! 
Since 2010, Colorado high school teams have collected close to 700 racquets and given hundreds of people across the state access to the lifetime sport of tennis! 



  • Have a team parent or team member organize the program. 

  • Reach out to other students at your school. Hold a school-wide racquet collection drive. 

  • Ask neighbors, friends, parents, family members, etc… if they have racquets to donate. 

  • Be creative. Think of interesting people and places that may have racquets. 

  • Bring the racquets your team collects to Regionals and/or State so we can tally 

  • them up. 


  • Any Colorado high school team can participate. One boys team and one girls team that collect the most gently used racquets receive recognition and the winning prize! 


  • Racquets for All is a non-profit, volunteer-driven program which collects used tennis racquets, balls and other equipment. Collected items are assessed, refurbished as needed, and distributed to individuals and organizations in Colorado who do not have access to such equipment. 

  • Established in 2008 as part of the Colorado Youth Tennis Foundation, a fundraising arm of USTA Colorado with a mission to make tennis available to all kids, regardless of economic, social or ethnic background. 


  • Open the door to tennis to those who may not be able to play because they don’t have equipment. Many high school teams are in need of this support. 

  • Team building activity 

  • Participate in a fun “green” project 

  • Meet individual student community service requirements 

  • Earn money for your team. Prize will be awarded to the boys and girls team that collects the most racquets based on the following: $50 if the top team collects up to 10 racquets, $100 if the top team collects between 11-25 racquets and $200 if the top team collects 26 or more racquets. 

  • All teams that collect more than 25 racquets will be entered into a drawing for a case of balls for their team. 


While not a part of the High School Challenge, Racquets for All can always use cash donations to
purchase needed equipment and share the sport of tennis throughout Colorado. If you or someone you know is interested in a cash donation, let us know!



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