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Community Tennis

No-Cut School Tennis Teams

Tennis coaches who implement a no-cut policy play a critical role in our sport by allowing young players the opportunity to be part of a team and represent their school. This opportunity helps create well rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.

USTA Colorado and USTA appreciate the commitment it takes to keep additional players on your team and encourage you to register today to join more than 2,850 coaches who have already been recognized. Click here to register.

Registered coaches implementing a no-cut policy for their tennis teams will receive the following benefits:

  • No-Cut Coach recognition certificate and commendation letter sent to the coach, the athletic director and principal

  • Subscription to Racquet Sports Industry magazine

  • Official USTA No-Cut Tennis Coach cap

  • Consideration for the No-Cut Coach Starfish Award, whereby two coaches are selected for special recognition at the USTA Tennis Teachers’ Conference during the US Open

  • Frequent updates of games, activities and practice plans

  • Enhanced online resources and coaches forums

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