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About the 3v3 Format


3v3-2018_610xWhy play 3v3?

  • To have fun and enjoy the experience
  • To gain match experience
  • To play with friends in a team atmosphere
  • Different ability levels are welcome on a team
  • Have a coachable play experience
  • Promotes a play-to-learn environment

How are teams composed?

  • Gender Neutral (any combination of boys/girls)
  • Minimum of 3 players for each match
  • Recommended to have 4 or more players per team for substitution
  • Players must be able to serve, rally and score

How are teams administered?

  • Parents are encouraged to be the team manager and on-court coordinator
  • Two courts side by side are required for each team match

What is the match format?

  • One singles court (1v1) and one doubles court (2v2)
  • Matches are played simultaneously (hence 3v3)
  • Players can sub in and out at the end of games on either court throughout the match, no restrictions 

How long are matches?

  • Recommended 1-hour timed matches (includes 10 minute team warm up and 50 minute match) but modified to fit a schedule
  • Buzzer or other indicator when time is up 

What scoring format is used?

  • No-ad game format using 15, 30, 40 scoring
  • Each court will have a continuous running game total (no definitive sets)
    • i.e. a court total can be 11-4
    • At conclusion of match all games are tabulated to determine team total
    • A team match can end in a tie

What court and balls are used?

  • All 10 and under divisions will play on a 60’ court with orange balls
  • It is recommended that 12 and under divisions play on a 78’ court with green balls
  • All other divisions may play on a 78’ court with yellow balls

How much will each player play and what do they do when they’re not playing?

  • No limit to how many times a player can sub in and out of any particular court
  • Somewhat equal playing time is highly recommended for all teams
  • Coaching of players on bench and during change-over is allowed
  • All extra players must be on designated court benches (obviously showing good sportsmanship) just like World Team Tennis, Davis Cup/Fed Cup



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