About JTT

Continue the fun into the fall season with the new JTT Fall League!

  • Season runs: Saturdays, August 19 – September 30 at 2:00 PM
  • Registration: $15 per player ($11 plus $4 active.com fee).
  • Format: 30 minute practice followed by an hour of timed match play. Substitution is allowed.
  • 3 Player minimum. Substitution is welcomed during match play.
  • 2 Courts needed (one singles and one doubles)
  • Each team has a coach/parent between the courts.  Coaching is allowed.
  • Total games won determines the winning team
  • Contact a facility in your area to join a team.

    For a list of facilities sorted by area, click here.


Introduction to JTT
The team concept in Junior Team Tennis emphasizes fun, fitness, and friends. The focus in this kind of play is on enjoying the exhilaration of exercise and refining the skills that make tennis fun for players at all ages and levels of competition.

  • JTT is a 6 to 7 week summer program for boys and girls ages 18 and under. 

  • Fees vary by facility. Contact your local tennis facility for specific fees.

  • Teams are comprised of players of same gender (except 10 & Under) with a similar age and skill, and they compete against other teams from the same geographic region in one of four age divisions:

  1. 10 & under (10 & Under boys and girls are permitted to play on the same team)

  2. 12 & under

  3. 14 & under

  4. 18 & under

  • Within these age divisions, there is a level for beginner (Futures) intermediate (Challenger), and advanced (Championship) players. See additional details. 

  • The format for Junior Team Tennis is 2 singles matches and 1 doubles match. The team winning the most GAMES wins the team match.

  • A USTA MEMBERSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED; however, membership to the USTA has many benefits for players of all ages. 

League registration begins each year on February 1. The deadline to get a team into the league varies by region (April / May). Contact a tennis facility near you and inquire about their Junior Team Tennis program. To learn more about starting your own team, or if you have any questions, please contact us.


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