Levels of Play


Note: This guide is expected to be followed to the best of a coordinator’s ability. A blatant variance from this guide will be reviewed by the Junior Recreation Committee.

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Lower Intermediate
Upper Intermediate

Ball Type by Division


Beginner (BEG)

  • General Experience - Entering competition for the first time.
  • Game Strategy - Just learning to play and primarily working on getting the ball into play.
  • Movement & Footwork - Understands correct positioning when returning or serving. Lacks court recognition after point has started.     
  • Ball Control & Placement - Consistent hitting soft paced loopy balls. Does not have intended placement or direction.
  • Strokes - Comfortable hitting forehands, backhands and serves.
  • Net Play - Can make contact with the ball when at the net.
  • Serve - Able to serve some balls into the correct box from the baseline.
  • Consistency - Inconsistent but can sometimes sustain a slow-paced rally with someone of the same ability.

Lower Intermediate (INT LO)

  • General Experience - Prior match experience including JTT & some challenger tournaments.
  • Game Strategy - Lacks shot anticipation on returns and therefore can only react.
  • Movement & Footwork - Lacks ability to anticipate and therefore has difficulty covering the court. Limited footwork.    
  • Ball Control & Placement - Consistent when hitting medium paced shots but lacks execution when trying for directional control, depth or power.
  • Strokes - Not comfortable with all strokes including volleys, lobs, overheads and approach shots.
  • Net Play - Can volley slower paced balls on both forehand and backhand side.
  • Serve - (5 out of 10 times). Limited double-faults.
  • Consistency - Fairly consistent hitting medium paced shots within reach. Difficulty ending points.

Upper Intermediate (INT HI)

  • General Experience - Extensive match  experience and some success with  challenger tournaments.
  • Game Strategy - Has an idea of what game strategy to use but lacks ability to fully execute game plan.
  • Movement & Footwork - Can cover the court well but may make errors because of timing and footwork.     
  • Ball Control & Placement - Improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots.
  • Strokes - Comfortable with all strokes. Player needs to improve control of height, depth, direction and speed.
  • Net Play - Can volley medium paced balls and return with directional intent.
  • Serve - Player is developing more spin and power on the first serve and seldom double-faults.
    (7 out of 10 times)
  • Consistency - Consistent hitting medium paced shots but may error when opponent uses varying pace, depth and spins.

Advanced (ADV)

  • General Experience - Playing championship level tournaments with  some success.
  • Game Strategy - Can attempt to vary game plan according to their opponents & can successfully execute strategy.
  • Movement & Footwork - Can easily make adjustments to footwork and swing to execute a return.     
  • Ball Control & Placement - Dependable strokes including directional intent, depth, spin and pace.
  • Strokes - Can control depth of shots, pace, and use various spins.
  • Net Play - Aggressive net play.
  • Serve - Can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve with accuracy.
  • Consistency - Can consistently return a variety of spins and paces from various depths with control.

Ball Type by Division

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