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CLICK HERE to search for your State Championship match schedule and the official State Championship standings

We have included State Championship (i.e. playoff) standings in our schedule program so please use it to obtain both playoff schedules and official standings.

JTT State Championship Confirmation Form - All teams that finish 1st or 2nd in the local league need to submit a confirmation form to let us know if the team will be participating in the State Championships, should they qualify. Please submit by July 28 at noon.

All players are expected to follow The Code and display good sportsmanship throughout the event. Roving umpires will be onsite to assist with any questions or problems that arise and to enforce the point penalty system, as well as the lateness penalty if necessary. NO COACHING IS ALLOWED during JTT matches. Parents and coaches can cheer for good points, but should never try to communicate with players during a match.

Point penalty system and lateness procedure

Playoff match format
Team competition for the USTA Colorado JTT State Championships will consist of one singles and one doubles match. Teams are required to have 3 players at each team match. Both lines (singles and doubles) of each team match will be scheduled/played at the same time. "Team Singles" WILL NOT be used / allowed during State.

Play will consist of the best two of three sets, with a set tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) if play reaches 6-games all in either of the first two sets. In the event of a match that splits sets, a modified match tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) will be played in lieu of a third set for all age divisions. The Coman Tiebreak is never used for JTT matches.

If a team match during a single elimination round ends in an exact tie, a Super Tiebreak will be played: the super tiebreak will be a doubles tiebreak, first to 7 by 2. Each team is allowed to play any eligible player from their roster. Note: This could happen if each team wins one line by the same scores.

Standings are based on the total number of TEAM MATCHES won. TennisLink will break a tie in the following order: Individual Matches Won, Most Games Won, Most Sets Won, Least Individual Match Losses, Least Games Lost, Least Sets Lost. Championship Committee Decision.

Defaults During JTT State Championships
During JTT State Championships, if a team turns in a line-up with a default, the opposing team will be allowed to receive their line-up back, be told which line is being defaulted, and to adjust their line-up if they would like. Teams are still required to have three (3) players for every match during the JTT State Championships.

Check in prior to matches
Teams are to check in to the site desk at least 30 minutes prior to match time. All line up cards must be submitted at least 15 minutes prior to the match. In an effort to keep matches on time, players need to be ready to take the court when the match is called (i.e. use the restroom prior to being called for the match). Line up cards will be available at the desk.

In case of inclement weather, all teams must still report to the tournament desk at their scheduled site and match time, unless instructed otherwise by the USTA Colorado. This tournament page will be updated with important information if there are weather issues that arise. In addition, a Junior League Alert! and/or text message (see next paragraph) may be sent with important information, so please check your email routinely throughout the event if there are weather concerns.

Junior League Alerts!
Captains packets are no longer mailed since information is all provided via the Junior League Alerts! and our website. If you have not already done so, please click here and follow the sign up instructions to ensure that you don't miss any important information.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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