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The Colorado Tennis Junior Pathway



About the Pathway
The Colorado Tennis Junior Pathway is a step-by-step guide to help parents, coaches and providers find the right tennis program for their children. The Pathway was designed to make tennis fun and approachable for kids. In 2013, USTA Colorado introduced ROGY.

What is ROGY?
ROGY is an acronym for the progression of tennis balls that junior players use as they grow older, beginning with low-compression balls and later to the traditional balls that virtually everyone is familiar with. In 2012, the USTA mandated the use of RED balls for kids eight and under, and the ORANGE balls for kids 10 and under. Colorado mandated GREEN ball use in 2013 for players 12 and under from novice through intermediate levels. When 12 year-olds have progressed through the low-compression ball lineup and are ready for advanced competition on a full-size court, they play with the standard ball. At age 13, all players graduate to the traditional high-altitude YELLOW ball used throughout Colorado.

At every stage of a junior player's development, there is a combination of age-appropriate equipment and events that are outlined in the Colorado Tennis Junior Pathway, beginning with Spontaneous Play, then moving on to Supervised Play, and then discovering Structured/Competitive Play.

While not all players progress at the same rate, the pathway has been designed to assist parents, coaches and providers in assessing where their young player(s) will be most comfortable.

ROGY Tennis

RED (<8 years)

ORANGE (7-10 years)

GREEN (10-12 years)

YELLOW (12+ years)




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