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Junior Tournaments



What is the Big Book and how do I get one?
All USTA members receive the Big Book of Colorado Tennis — which lists all Colorado sanctioned tournaments for the year — plus the three seasonal issues of Colorado Tennis newspaper.

Facilities across the state also receive copies, but they can run out quickly. Digital copies are available, and free subscriptions are available to anyone by request.

What type of tournament should my child play?
Colorado has three levels of play: Level 8/Futures (Entry-Level), Level 7/Challenger (Intermediate) and Levels 6-1/Championship (Advanced). Tournaments are also broken down by age divisions. 

Find out where your child fits on the Junior Tennis Pathway, or ROGY.

How do I determine which age divisions I can play?
Players are allowed to compete in older age divisions, but may not compete in younger age divisions. Junior players will be able to play in an age division up until, but not including, their month of birth.

Example: A player is 14 and has a birthday of March 19. That player may play in the 14s through and including the month of February immediately prior to their 15th birthday. That player may not participate in a 14s tournament in March of their 15th birthday.

What is the difference in aging up and playing up? 
Aging up is when a player’s date of birth requires them to move to the next age division and is no longer eligible for the younger age division. Playing up is when a player enters an older age division but the player is still eligible to play in the younger division.

When can I play in an Adult event?
A player must be turning 19 by the end of the calendar year can play register for an NTRP event. Contact the tournament director for entry as TennisLink does not allow under-age players to register online.

Any players who will not be turning 19 by the end of the calendar year must register in the Championship divisions.

What is "+" event?
"Plus" events are weighted heavier (worth more points) than other events. The point tables can be found on our Ranking Requirements page.

What is a Compass Draw, Round Robin, FMLC, Single Elimination tournament?
These are all just different types of draws. A full explanation can be found on our Levels of Play/Formats page.

How to register for a tournament?

  1. Find the tournament you want to register for;

  2. Select the event. You will be transferred to the tournament's TennisLink page;

  3. Click on the “Register Now” button on the right hand side of the event listing;

  4. You will need to have your USTA membership number and credit card information to complete the registration;

  5. ALL entries must be submitted completely and successfully prior to entry deadline;

  6. To verify your registration was completed successfully: print the confirmation number issued at the end of a successful registration.

How to withdraw from a tournament?

  1. To withdraw BEFORE ENTRY DEADLINE, go to the tournament homepage on TennisLink, select “Withdraw" (under the Edit Registration menu on the right side of the tournament homepage). Follow the instructions.

  2. b) To withdraw AFTER ENTRY DEADLINE, please contact the tournament director listed on the tournament homepage by email or phone.

If I withdraw from a tournament will the entry fee be refunded? 
Refunds are made for anyone who withdraws prior to the draws being made. Your processing fee will not be refunded.

What is the difference between a ranking and a standing and how are they determined?ranking is year-end it takes into account all points earned in sanctioned tournaments from January. Standings are always changing as results are downloaded player movement is very common.

A player must accrue at least one point in an age division or NTRP level in order to be included in the USTA Colorado Standing list. Please refer to Ranking Requirements page for specific divisions.

How to find my player record on the Internet?
Locate your current standing — select Year/Division/List Type (Standing) — and click on your name for your player record.

I won the tournament last year, but was not seeded #1 this year, why not?
The tournament director will look at the most current “Standing List” and seed accordingly. If you have losses to other players in the event this year or a very short record you will not necessarily be seeded #1.

Can a player be ranked in more than one age division?
Yes, as long as he/she has earned the required number of points in each age division.

My name appears on the Challenger Ineligible List. What is that?
Each year, under USTA Colorado Junior Challenger Tournament Regulations, certain players are identified as too advanced for Challenger tournament play. Players who fall into these categories are determined from the previous year's rankings, and are listed on the USTA Colorado website.

Any player who believes he/she should not have been included on the Challenger ineligible list may file an appeal with the USTA Colorado Seeding and Ranking Committee in writing or via email to Jason Colter by April 10.

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