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Player Development

Early Development Camps (EDCs)


Early Development Camps – both Orange and Green ball have recently been added to the USTA Player Development and Team USA junior player development pathway.

Early Development Camps (EDCs) are:

  • Half-day, local training opportunities for 8 to 12 year olds with coaches trained and curriculum designed specifically for Orange (60’) and Green (78’) court tennis.
  • This curriculum includes a coach education component, parent education sessions, player evaluations, athletic skills development, and on court drills and point play.
  • EDCs are offered to inspire and motivate young players and will strive to build solid fundamentals with both the technical and athletic skills required for a player’s complete development.
  • These camps have been created with the intent of working closely with each player’s developmental coach as well as the parents, establishing a solid working relationship.


Criteria for a qualified player includes:

  1. Ages: 
    Orange Ball EDC; 8-10 years old.  Seven year olds will be considered.
    Green Ball EDC: 10-12 years old.
  2. A love and passion for the game.  
  3. A good attitude. The ability to listen and learn from coaches.
  4. Training and competing on the appropriate court is consistent.
  5. Participation in local play opportunities; USTA Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis, Play Days.
  6. A well-developed tennis skill set – ground strokes, footwork, serve, volleys, overhead and strong rally skills. See Grips, Preparation and Swing Path brochure as a baseline for these skills.
  7. Parents and developmental coaches must be supportive of the ROGY (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow) progression, the EDC coaches, and the parent/coach support/education component.
  8. Multi-sport athletes are highly encouraged.           


EDC Camp Selections

A late spring ‘viewing day’ will be used to ensure that players meet the desired developmental criteria. This date will be announced when it becomes available.

Selections will be based on your child’s individual level of development – their tennis skills as well as their athletic skills; agility, balance, coordination, strength and speed. Tennis requires a great deal of the ‘ABC’s’. Children all have varying degrees of athletic skill development which will increase with time and exposure to multiple sports – which we highly encourage.  

Insuring we select the ‘right’ group of players is extremely important to us – for your player’s sake.  If they are too young, if they are not physically or emotionally prepared for the camps’ content, or if their individual developmental level is not at par with the others, we could create undue pressure that could result in them feeling as if they don’t ‘fit in’ with the rest of the players. This experience at such a young age could turn them away from the sport altogether. We will go to great lengths to insure the proper fit to avoid this at all cost.

USTA Colorado will be holding its 2017 EDC camps in August and September at various locations in and around Denver. Dates and locations will be announced when they become available.


Questions on USTA Colorado’s Early Development Camps may be directed to Cindy MacMaster.


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