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Player Development

Early Development Camps (EDCs)


Early Development Camps (EDCs) – both Orange and Green ball have recently been added to the USTA Player Development and Team USA junior player development pathway.

EDCs are a half day, high level, local training opportunity for 7 to 11-year-olds. The same group of players attend every camp, providing a team environment with coaches trained specifically on Orange and Green ball tennis. USTA Colorado is excited to offer the EDC’s as a first step on the competitive Player Development pathway. 

This unique program includes a coach and parent education component. Our diverse group of coaches represent tennis programs from all over the state bringing their energy, experience and passion for the game to share with the campers. Using curriculum created by USTA National specifically for these players — athletic skills, technique and tactics will be finely honed.  These camps are designed for highly skilled juniors and a selection process is utilized. Players need to commit to attending ALL three camps.  




USTA Colorado’s EDCs will be made up of a progression of themes.
The 2017 themes are as follows:


Orange Ball EDC

Green Ball EDC

The Expert Rallyer

Defending The Court

The Net Dominator

Taking Control Of The Point

The All Court Player

Becoming An Offensive Player


Orange ball competencies:

  • are able to sustain a 20 ball rally with coach at slow pace
  • are able to sustain a 10 ball rally with player of similar level
  • are working on FH and BH slice – with continental grip
  • have started using continental grip on volleys, overheads and serves
  • have started working on closed, open and semi-open stances to maintain contact points between hip and shoulder



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Green ball competencies:

  • are able to sustain a 20 ball rally with coach at medium pace
  • are able to sustain a 10 ball rally with player of similar level at medium pace with contact points between hip and shoulder
  • are able to sustain a rally using slice off of both sides with the continental grip
  • using continental grip on volley, overheads and serves
  • have a fundamental understanding of footwork patterns for closed, open and semi-open stances and when to use them



EDC Player Selections

July 16, 2017 / Gates Tennis Center

A ‘Skills Challenge’ will be used to ensure that players meet the desired developmental criteria.  Selections will be based on a player’s individual level of development - their tennis skills as well as their athletic skills; agility, balance, coordination, strength and speed. Players will participate in off court athletic skills, on court drills and point play.  The atmosphere will be both fun and encouraging.

  • Orange Ball (7 to young 10-year-olds): 12:30pm–3pm
  • Green Ball (9 to young 11-year-olds):  2:30pm–5pm



for the EDC Skills Challenge



2017 USTA Colorado Early Development Camps

Sunday, August 20 / Ken Caryl Ranch House
Sunday, September 10 / Gates Tennis Center
Sunday, September 24 / Ken Caryl Ranch House

Make Up Rain Date:
Sunday, October 8 / TBD


Orange Ball:  8:00am–Noon
Green Ball:    1-5pm


Questions on USTA Colorado’s Early Development Camps may be directed to Cindy MacMaster.


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