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Player Development

Team Colorado

USTA Colorado’s Team Colorado is a two-tiered program developed to supplement a junior player’s existing personal training regime. While each player’s primary development takes place with his or her personal coach, Team Colorado provides our juniors the opportunity to come together and train as a team.




As a program of USTA Colorado, Team Colorado has an overriding theme that’s designed to facilitate high quality training, teamwork (amongst players, coaches and parents), character development, sportsmanship and ultimately pride in being a developing junior in Colorado.

We believe strongly in the importance of good sportsmanship. Players, parents and coaches all share in the responsibility of ensuring that good sportsmanship is an integral part of training and competition – regardless of level of play.




Developmental Training Squads

Geared for those players 7–10 years old, this squad will work on the athletic skills associated with and necessary for successful development of a young athlete; stroke production, movement and tactical competencies (skills). With practices primarily conducted on the 60’ court with orange balls, our goal is to help these players achieve those competencies necessary to successfully transition to the 78’ green ball court. Parent education, player evaluations and a mental skills component are included.

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Orange ball competencies:

  • are able to sustain a 20 ball rally with coach at slow pace
  • are able to sustain a 10 ball rally with player of similar level
  • are working on FH and BH slice – with continental grip
  • have started using continental grip on volleys, overheads and serves
  • have started working on closed, open and semi-open stances to maintain contact points between hip and shoulder



This group will consist of players roughly between the ages of 9 and 12 years old and will primarily train on the 78’ court with green balls. Continued work on athletic skills, movement, technical and tactical competencies is the objective in preparation for the transition to the yellow ball. Additional emphasis will be placed on strategy — offense, defense, switching between the two, etc. Parent education, player evaluations and a mental skills component are included.


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Green ball competencies:

  • are able to sustain a 20 ball rally with coach at medium pace
  • are able to sustain a 10 ball rally with player of similar level at medium pace with contact points between hip and shoulder
  • are able to sustain a rally using slice off of both sides with the continental grip
  • using continental grip on volley, overheads and serves
  • have a fundamental understanding of footwork patterns for closed, open and semi-open stances and when to use them



2017/2018 TC ‘Developmental’ Player Selections               

July 16, 2017 / Gates Tennis Center

A ‘Skills Challenge’ will be used to ensure that players meet the desired developmental criteria for both squads. Selections will be based on a player’s individual level of development – their tennis skills as well as their athletic skills; agility, balance, coordination, strength and speed. Players will participate in off court athletic skills, on court drills and point play. The atmosphere will be both fun and encouraging.

Court60 (7 to 10-year-olds)
Primarily orange ball


Court78 (9 to 12-year-olds)
Green and yellow ball



for the TC Skills Challenge


Competitive Training Squads

New to our Team Colorado offerings are the Competitive Training Squads (CTS). 

These squads bring together the most skilled Colorado juniors, ages 14 and under to train together with the depth, focus and intensity of a Division I college level program. Coached by two former DI coaches (Mike Phillips and Meike Babel), the CTS squads have been designed to prepare these players for the highest-level sectional, national, ITF and eventually, college competition. 


NEW for 2017
The Sectional Training Squad will consist of players who are already competitive at our sectional level events (L3s and 4s) and who’s sights are set on breaking into National level play outside of the section. 


The National Training Squad consists of highly developed players who are already qualifying for National level events (L1s, 2s and 3s) outside of our Section. 


2017/2018 TC Competitive Squad Player Selections
(includes both Sectional and National Training Squads)

Selections for our competitive squads are made by our team of coaches. Guidelines are used whereby the size of each year’s squad is based on meeting those guidelines — not by filling a roster. Tournament results, sectional standings, head-to-head play and Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) are the primary sources used to gather player information. Players will receive invitations to participate in these squads by August 20, 2017. 


2017/2018 Team Colorado practices will begin in October and run through the end of April at various locations in and around Denver. Dates and locations will be announced when they become available.

For additional information regarding Team Colorado, please contact USTA Colorado Player Development Director Cindy MacMaster.


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