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Champions crowned at 2014 JTT Championships

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10 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist      

     Challenger A    Miramont Lifestyle Fitness  /  Flying Horse Club

     Challenger B    CAC Inverness  /  CAC Monaco



12 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist

     Challenger A    Applewood Athletic Club  /  Homestead in the Willows RMTA 

     Challenger B    Eastmoor Swim and Tennis RMTA  /  Applewood Athletic Club

     Futures    Miramont Lifestyle Fitness  /  Highlands Ranch Community Assoc


14 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist

     Championship    Denver Country Club  /  Bow Mar

     Challenger A    Highlands Ranch  /   Greenwood Athletic Club

     Challenger B    Lebsack Tennis Center RMTA  /  Highlands Ranch Community Assoc

     Futures    Crestmoor Community Assoc  /  Lewis Tennis School


18 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist

     Championship    Tennis Mania  /  Highland Meadows

     Challenger A    Genessee  /  Ken Caryl Community Center

     Challenger B    Foxridge  /  Columbine Country Club



12 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist

     Challenger A    Miramont Lifestlye Fitness  /  Meadows Club

     Challenger B    Grand Junction Indoor Tennis Center  /  Highlands Ranch Community Assoc

     Futures    CAC Monaco  /  Foxridge


14 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist            

     Championship    CAC Inverness  /  Work Out West

     Challenger A    Colorado Springs Country Club  /  South Suburban LGT

     Challenger B    Devil's Thumb  /  Gates Tennis Center

     Futures    CAC Monaco  /  Work Out West


18 & Under: Division/Champion/Finalist

     Championship    Poudre High School  /  Flying Horse Club

     Challenger A    Meadow Creek  /  Chaparral

     Challenger B    Eastermoor-RMTA  /  Life Time Fitness Centennial



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