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HighFIVE Profiles


Since 1955, the Colorado Tennis Association/USTA Colorado has been more than just the governing body of tennis in our state. 

Sure, we run your tennis leagues and answer your NTRP questions. We sanction tournaments and introduce tennis to kids. We help facilities across Colorado resurface their courts and we provide resources to programs who need financial help.

But we are also a group of passionate advocates who believe in the power of tennis to improve health, create opportunity, impart valuable life lessons and transform lives. 

We are committed to growing the game across the state, but in order to fulfill our mission and truly make a long-term difference in the communities we serve, we need help. 

To succeed, we need the help of other enthusiastic people in the tennis community who believe in the transformative influence of the sport. We need their zeal and their patience, their time and their energy. 




Beginning with the Fall 2009 issue, USTA Colorado began printing profiles in Colorado Tennis newspaper of people and organizations in the Colorado tennis community who do more than just play tennis. They are sharing their passion for the sport with others, helping to grow the sport in their own communities. Some you will know, others will be fresh names and faces. But they all deserve a big HighFIVE for their efforts.

If you think we should give someone a HighFIVE, send us an email.



H5. (Spring 2009) H5. (Summer 2009) H5.1 (Fall 2009) H5.2 (Fall 2009)

Sue Burke
Raven Chavez-Maltby
Eric Larson
Kate Walker
Andy Zodin

Frank Adams
Karen Brandner
James Martinez
Tom Talmadge
Paula Wolff







H5.3 (Spring 2010) H5.4 (Summer 2010) H5.5 (Fall 2010) H5.6 (Winter 2010)

Taryn Archer
Tyler Crippen
Kim Gidley
Jessica Metz
Linda Wenz

Paul Angelico
Wayne Emerick
Madison Gallegos
Hai Ho
Ralston Valley HS

Brad Brehmer
Christine Casey
Miikka Keronen
Casey Ross
Kent Waryan

George Covington
Monica Li
Regis Jesuit HS
Rikk Shimizu
Chris Weyer







H5.7 (Spring 2011) H5.8 (Summer 2011) H5.9 (Fall 2011) H5.10 (Winter 2011)

Alec Leddon
Akiji Koiwalakai
Joe Pologar
April Washington
Kelli Woodman

Jenna Street
Marge Sykes
Venture Prep
Matthew Warren
Jennifer Weissmann

Kalyssa Hall
Cenea Kemp
RF Magon Academy
Joseph Reveteriano
David Thompson

Rich Berman
Cindy MacMaster
David Mitchell
Melissa McGuire
Amber Shen







H5.11 (Spring 2012) H5.12 (Summer 2012) H5.13 (Fall 2012) H5.14 (Winter 2012)
Bill Conway
Edwards Family
Judi Fenner
Bruce Sanderlin
Anthony Weber

Dave Boon
Beau Fresquez
Nicole Kalhorn
Hugo Jimenez
Diane Woverton

Ed Anderson
Karen Collier
CSU Tennis Team
Samantha Martinelli
John Martinez

Josefa Crotty
Leslie Davis
Hayden Sabatka
Kasper Smith
Jess Sporte



H5.15 (Spring 2013) H5.16 (Summer 2013) H5.17 (Fall 2013) H5.18 (Winter 2013)

Linda Bartels
Julie Gall
Ken Mason
Jordan Pease
Ram Vuppala

Illijah Bailey
Susan DiBiase
John Nelson
Susan Wright
Jon Yunt

Janna Albers
Hannah Dake
Brandon Lupo
Greg Stults
Kacey Walisundara

Laura Ecton
Kathy Elliott
Eric Honert
Luke Lorenz
Josh Neugebauer







H5.19 (Spring 2014) H5.20 (Summer 2014) H5.21 (Fall 2014) H5.21 (Winter 2014)

Kendall Chitambar
Raven Dick
Fifth Gear Kids
Akhil Gupta
Nicole Kenneally

Zach Fryer
Gonzo Garcia
Clarence Milton
Tate Schroeder
April Tsosie

Wayne Bennett
Ignatius Castelino
Christine Chang
Shannon Cross
Mia Oliver



H5.22 (Spring 2015) H5.23 (Summer 2015) H5.24 (Fall 2015) H5.21 (Winter 2014)

Simona Bruetting
Zack Fox
Tanya Harrington
Doug Kazarozian
Linda Schley

Tatum Burger
Lori Canova
Mark Stangeland
Clark Steinhauser
Clinton C Vessels III

Ben Antonesen
Arja Family
Bill Curtis
Donald Fairconeture
Christian Thompson




H5.25 (Spring 2016) H5.26 (Summer 2016) H5.27 (Fall 2016) H5.21 (Winter 2014)

Michele Arend
Steve Campbell
Diego Garcia-Gallo
Mira Ruder-Hook
Emma Sajsa

Laurie Anderson
Bethany Brookens
Rachel Heise
Kris Johnson
Carrie Lindsey-Oliver

Voradel Carey
Vicki Holthus
Ethan Hughes
Kate James
Tom Zundel




H5.28 (Spring 2017) H5.29 (Summer 2017) H5.30 (Fall 2017) H5.21 (Winter 2014)

Angela Finan
Nikki Hola
Maggie Meyer
Tennis on Campus
Andy Wu

Dave Adams
Lucy Lu
Philip Pak
Noel Williams
Anastassiya Zherdeva

Jackie Jones
Parker Racquet Club
Ginger Phillips
Daniel & Natasha Smith
Ron Steege




H5.31 (Spring 2018) H5.32 (Summer 2018) H5.33 (Fall 2018) H5.21 (Winter 2014)
Paige Burke
Olivia Ivankoe
Marc Knutila
Saryn Mooney
Nick Taylor
Fran Beilibi
Lily Chitambar
Scott Ford
Bob Litwin
Josie Schaffer


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