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Annual Reports


Each year, USTA Colorado staff members prepare a summary of the year's events for the annual board of directors meeting, held in March. Those summaries are compiled into the USTA Colorado Annual Report, which also contains the audited financial documents, board and committee structure, organizational membership lists, and detailed information of sanctioned program participation.

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Past Reports



2019_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2018_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_Cover_small 2017_USTA_CO_Annual_Report-cover
2016_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2015_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2014_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover
2013_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2012_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2011_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover
2010_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2009_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover 2008_USTA_CO_Annual_Report_cover


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