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Training & Education



Certified Tennis Umpires/Officials
The Colorado Tennis Umpires Association (CTUA), Inc., recognized by USTA Colorado, is devoted to serving the Colorado tennis community by applying and enforcing the United States Tennis Association (USTA) rules of tennis for the enjoyment of its patrons (sponsors, players and spectators) by:

  1. Encouraging and improving fair and impartial tennis officiating;
  2. Training and certifying members in accordance with USTA standards and procedures.

Each year, the CTUA hosts officiating workshops for interested individuals interested in becoming certified tennis officials. For more information, please visit the CTUA website


Certified Tennis Teachers/Coaches
In the United States, the two major certifying organizations are the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).

The USPTA was founded in 1927 as the Professional Lawn Tennis Association. It has grown from a membership of less than 200 to its current 12,500 members including individuals in 60 nations. Among its members, past and present, are many of the great names in tennis history. The USPTA has alliances with associations in several nations such as Japan, Mexico, and South Africa, but it is primarily a US organization, with its 17 divisions each a US region.

The PTR was founded in 1976 by Dennis Van der Meer. Although it was originally called the USPTR, it has always distinguished itself as an international organization. Currently, its more than 10,500 members teach tennis in 122 nations. The headquarters and largest block of members are located in the US, but offices, symposiums, workshops, and certification testers are available worldwide for the thousands of international members.


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