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Training & Education

School/After-School Tennis Workshops


USTA Colorado offers free School-Afterschool Tennis Workshops for PE teachers, coaches, and organizers responsible for implementing tennis in school and after-school settings. 

This three hour hands-on workshop is led by a certified school tennis specialist and provides the background needed to effectively introduce kids to the sport of tennis and have fun playing!

Goals of the Workshop:

  1. Discover how to adapt any space for tennis using kid-friendly equipment;
  2. Acquire large group management techniques that can be used in any physical activity setting (PE, Kids’ Tennis Clubs, and events);
  3. Understand how to teach basic tennis and fitness skills using activity stations and the Tennis Skillastics game;
  4. Discover how to organize and supervise play in non-traditional spaces for large numbers of students.

Overview of the School Tennis Program and all that is available to physical educators who incorporate tennis into their curriculum after this free workshop.  

Register for an upcoming workshop or schedule a workshop for your school district or organization.


Upcoming School-Afterschool Tennis Workshops Scheduled:

Monday, October 5, 2015 / 4:30pm-6:30pm
Denver Public Schools (all welcome with RSVP)
451 Clermont St., Denver  80220


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